Published articles about Shadow Mountain Behavioral Health by the digital entertainment site BuzzFeed are the latest unfortunate examples of its ongoing abdication of subjective, fact-based journalism. Instead, the reporter continues to assume the role of an activist, presenting a highly sensationalized, inaccurate, and largely anonymously sourced portrayal without any appropriate context or understanding of the realities of the mental health treatment system.

As it has for decades, Shadow Mountain plays a critical role in providing critically needed mental health treatment in Oklahoma and our dedicated, compassionate staff works tirelessly to help patients who are facing incredibly difficult psychiatric conditions.

Contrary to the insinuations made in recent media reports, Shadow Mountain is open, fully operational, licensed by the State of Oklahoma and accredited by The Joint Commission. In fact, for over 30 years, the facility has been recognized for providing high level, evidence-based care to patients facing some of the most complex psychiatric issues that other hospitals are often unwilling or unable to treat. Shadow Mountain has received third party recognition for the quality of its clinical programs and positive outcomes for its patients. It is fully accredited by The Joint Commission, an independent organization with a 60-year record of undertaking comprehensive evaluations of healthcare facilities on behalf of the federal government. The Joint Commission designated Shadow Mountain as a Top Performer in Key Quality Measures® during each year of the program’s existence between 2011 and 2014, based on its attainment of multiple evidence-based clinical metrics. Shadow Mountain remains a licensed provider with the Oklahoma Health Care Authority and SoonerCare, the State’s Medicaid program. We also have a demonstrated record of working collaboratively with regulators to successfully remediate any alleged areas of improvement so that we can continue providing effective compassionate and specialized care to patients in Oklahoma.

Sadly, BuzzFeed follows its typical playbook of highlighting and misconstruing a very small number of unfortunate events or incidents and relying on a handful of disgruntled former employees to create a false narrative about the overall quality of care, clinical operations and staff at Shadow Mountain. The article ignores and disregards the countless patients whose lives have been positively impacted and improved by the care and treatment they received at Shadow Mountain.

We hope this website will provide an objective, accurate understanding of Shadow Mountain Behavioral Health, the quality of its programs, the complexities and challenges of mental health care, the patients we treat and the work of our dedicated, compassionate team members.

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